Sunday, 8 May 2011

Early Birthday Presents :)

Hello all you beauties,

My wonderful other half decided to spoil me today as it is my birthday on Wednesday but we are both working all week so we won't be able to do anything. So as wonderful as he is he took today off and whisked me off up to Newry which is about an hours drive away so I could make my very first visit to Superdrug. Needless to say I was sooooooo super excited. There are so many amazing brands in Superdrug that we just can't get down this side of the country. And the even better part is he put all my purchases through his card because all this is my Birthday present... yayyyyyy for thoughtful fiances. So I only purchased from brands that I cannot get a hold of here.

Just before I go on... I am not bragging or boasting so please do not leave me any negative comments. I am simply showing what I got as a present and letting my followers know what kind of products I will be reviewing in the future.

So here is what I got in Superdrug....

This is what £63.20 worth of make up looks like haha

The first stand I hit was 2true and I already have a concealer from them that Dee sent me but I wanted to get some more goodies and Kelly had recommended the foundation so I decided to give it a whirl.
These were really reasonably price £1.99 each or 3 for £4.99 so I got 6 bits.

2true smooth matte pressed powder in shade 2

2true smooth matte foundation in shade 2

2true lipstick in shade 1

2true plumptuous lip gloss in shade 20

2true fast dry quick colour nail polish in shade 1

2true glossywear nail polish in shade 10

I loooooove sleek and wasn't sure if the Superdrug I was going to would even have their stand but they did and it was massive and I love it. So i decided on

Sleek storm palette £6.49

Sleek pout polish in pink Cadillac £4.29

Sleek face contour kit in light £6.50

2 x Sleek lipsticks in mystic and barely there 2 for £6.00

These 3 were in the basket when I got to the till and I hadn't put them there haha the OH had decided he liked them and popped them in while I was oggling the Sleek stand.

These MeMeMe nail collection long lasting gloss were on 3 for 2 (my OH told me this and said that is why he picked 3 shades haha I love him so much) and they were £4.50 each so I got the three for £9.00

The shades are Impulsive (neon yellow) Enigmatic (Grey) and Elegant (Gold/Green)

Again the blue polish popped into my basket by the polish fairy :) I only got a little few things from Beauty UK but I do already have a little palette with thanks again to Dee.

BeautyUK baked blush in candy shop £3.99

BeautyUK glam nails in soft grey £1.99

BeautyUK glam nails in electric blue £1.99

BeautyUK lip lust in date night £2.99

Lastly are a few one off things. I was actually really disappointed because the Accessorize stand was almost empty but I had been craving this bronzer since I saw CazzyFox use it on youtube.

Accessorize Baked Bronzer Golden Sand shade 1 £7.00

MUA Eye Dust in Shade 1 £1.00

Superdrugs own eye shadow blending brush £1.99

So I have to say my very first Superdrug visit was amazing. I won't need to go back for a while but I definitely will be going back. I just wish they were somewhere a bit nearer.

So after we left Superdrug we started heading home and I was so busy looking through all my goodies in the car I didn't realise the the OH had taken the wrong road home. When I said it to him he said sure we are going to Blanchardstown now to get you some MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we got to Blanchardstown and I was bamboozled cos there must have been about 5 girls getting their make up done. All I really wanted was the Face and Body foundation but the girl said they didn't stock it cos the shop was not big enough - whatever - the shop is plenty big. I know a few people are having this problem. I really think they should stock it. Anyway rant over... so instead I got another eyeshadow for my palette and a new lipstick from the Quite Cute collection.

Eyeshadow is Parfait Amour and was €11.50 and the lipstick is Play Time €17.50

Also before we left this morning my Mother and Father in law to be gave me some money for my birthday to spend while we were shopping so I picked up a curling wand. I still think my hair is a bit short but at least I can try now or even just practice for when it is longer.

Babyliss curling wand from Boots €33.99.

So that was my Birthday presents. My Mum already gave me hers last month it was a tattoo removal session so I can't see there being any more but I think I did pretty dang well. It'll take me months to play with all of this :)

Anyway lovely ladies enjoy the rest of your weekend. I may be quite cos I will be busy playing.



  1. Makeupmonologue8 May 2011 at 00:58

    I have that Accessorize bronzer and love it!

    What a great haul, you obviously won't have any issues with your make up buying 'ban'! I however, am really feeling it after this!

  2. Confessionsofamakeupaholic8 May 2011 at 22:20

    You got Sleek..... I am SOOOO jealous!! :( x