Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Urban Decay Preen Shadow Box

Hi Ladies,

I couldn't sleep one night last week and was doing a very dangerous thing - Surfing eBay dun dun dun - when I came across a s seller selling Urban Decay Preen Shadow Box's at a bargain price.

The Buy it Now price was £2.00 for the box and £8.00 delivery so the total I paid was £10.00. I was a bit skeptical at first because I was thinking how can it be that cheap, but when I read the feedback the seller had received it all looked pretty positive so I went ahead and ordered 2 palettes, one for myself and one as a gift for my bestie's birthday at the end of the month :)

So I got them both in the post yesterday and they are 100% legit and goooooorgeous. I am not so much a neutral lady but I like that this has the option of neutral and bright colours. I wore Mildew and Toasted today as I am practicing on more neutral colours and it was really nice. Like all UD palettes/shadows these are amazing.

So just in case you wanna snap this bargain up here is a link at the min I don't think there are any Buy it Now but the auction prices are fairly low.

Aaaaaaaand here are some pics

Just took this so you could compare sizes

Again you can compare pan sizes

Hope you enjoyed


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