Monday, 2 May 2011

My week in Lipsticks #2

Hey Ladies,

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I am looking forward to a Bank Holiday Monday Snooze on tomorrow but dreading back to work on Tuesday. Just updating you on week 2 of my quest to fall in love with lipsticks. Hope you like the new name :)

This week had it's ups and downs to be honest but I think I am on track to loving lippies :) I had the week off this week so there were a few days I didn't wear make up at all so my lipstick pile for this week is small, however, I did go a little bit mad buying lipsticks.

 I sold a few bits and bobs on eBay so had some PayPal money so I took the opportunity to invest in a few more NYX lipsticks. I have one NYX lipstick but went for a colour that did not match me so I am giving them another go. I purchased 2 sets of 3 lipsticks off 2 different sellers and went for Doll, Thalia, Aphrodite, Fig, Tea Rose and Rose Bud. I am hoping at least one will suit me.

I was also at the MAC counter on Tuesday and if you follow me on Twitter you will know that I have had a love hate relationship with the lipstick I purchased. As I said in last weeks update I got 17 Beehive because I wanted a nude and it did not seem to work on me. So I thought sod it I will go to MAC and spend that bit extra to be matched to a nice nude and do it right. FAIL. The girl in MAC 'matched' me, and I use the term lightly, to Myth which is a horrible colour on me and even the boyf said I looked like a corpse. It was horrible but I persisted with lipglosses and brushes trying to make it work. So in desperation last night I slapped it on again and popped Beehive over it and amazing, the look great together so my cheapy 17 lippy saved the day over the expensive crappy one.

Top: Myth, Middle: Beehive, Bottom: Myth with Beehive over it

I had a horrible night on Friday and honestly did not sleep a wink and had to pop into town for my sister really early on Saturday morning, so still feeling very sorry for myself after my sleepless night and feeling I deserved a treat of course I popped into Boots and as the 3 for 2 was on I had even more reason to treat myself so I got a 17 shadow which I am gonna do a review on a 17 mascara and another new lipstick (this is how I know I am starting to fall in love :) ) I purchased a Rimmel lipstick as I love the formulation of my Rimmel Asia (which is ancient). The colour I chose is Lasting Finish 'One of  Kind' and I will be colour matching myself to lipsticks in future cos it is gorrrrrgeous. It is a teeny bit berry-ish for spring but I am gonna live in it for winter.

So I also popped in a sneaky little ELF order on Thursday because of the Free delivery code you can't resist that, and what do you know 2 Lipsticks on that list too. After getting a mineral lipstick from Charli... and loving it I decided it was well worth investing in another one so I have ordered Mineral Pouty Petal and Regular Line Gypsy.

So in a week I have purchased 9 Lipstick (OMG didn't think of it like that) so I think it might be a sign I am falling for them.

As I said I haven't been wearing make up too much this week but I did reach for a few lipsticks when I was heading out. I have been keeping ELFs Classy lipstick in my bag for emergencies because I think it pretty much goes with anything and have also been slicking on Rimmel Asia quite often. If you have quite pigmented lips I think this is a really nice natural colour. In my pic I have also included Beehive and Myth because I am gonna wear them tomorrow and also my new Rimmel which I loooooove.

17 Beehive, ELF Classy, Rimmel Asia, MAC Myth, Rimmel One of a Kind

So this is my week in Lipstick - hopefully next Sunday I will be posting pics of all my new Lipsticks

If you have any recommendations please send em my way.


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