Monday, 16 May 2011

Witch Skincare Tinted Moisturiser

Hello pretty ladies

So a week or two ago I nominated Dee for the #Flawlessfollower prize that Witch offer every Friday and she got chosen. Witch  are so generous and every Friday choose a flawless follower and the person that nominated them to win a product of their choice.

So when Dee got chosen I got to pick a product to try too. I had just bought their primer the day before so I decided to go for something else to try so I went for their tinted moisturiser as I do not own one :) It did take me a little while to decide which shade to go for as I was wavering between light and medium. In the end I decided on medium and if it was too dark I could always mix it with regular moisturiser.

When it arrived I was a little bit worried about just how dark it looked but it was pretty clear after blending it in a little bit it was a perfect match for my skin. As you rub it in it does get a good bit lighter. I am an NW20 and the shade medium is just perfect on me.

So I haven't had much time to play with my make up and try things out but on Saturday morning I decided to have my face natural but presentable so I applied my new tinted moisturiser with a touch of blush and a sweep of mascara.

When my other half landed home I got told I looked very pretty and healthy :-0 I love that sometimes when you put the least effort in they still think you look nice but then I think well why do I bother with my regular routine if I look ok with such little effort haha

So back on topic. Again on Sunday I put aside my foundation and applied the tinted moisturiser. I knew I had to head out so popped on some setting powder a bit of my Accessorize bronzer and a bit of blush along with a very neutral eye and some mascara and I think it made for a really nice natural look and my skin felt amazing.

Again this morning I set aside my foundation for my new moisturiser so I have a feeling that for the summer my foundation will be taking a back seat to this absolute little marvel. Up to now I have never owned a tinted moisturiser as I was scared of such little coverage. I have a heck of a lot of freckles and always thought that I needed a good coverage foundation to even out my skin but I am really liking this more natural coverage for summer and loving that my skin feels like it can breathe easy.

So lovely ladies if you are in the market for a tinted moisturiser for summer check this little baby out because it has made it's way into my permanent collection.

I also just want to say another massive thank you to Witch, as it is not many companies that show such generosity to their customers.

Thanks again


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  1. bakesbeautyblog17 May 2011 at 11:25

     STOP IT your costing me a small fortune with your reviews lolOff to boots i go lol