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ELF Brushes

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Today is the last day of my little ELF dedication week. Today's review is gonna be on their brush range. I was gonna do separate reviews on both ranges but decided to pop them both in on the one post. So there are 3 brush ranges that ELF supply, their regular range which are €1.70 each and then there are the studio range which are €4.00 each. There is also the Mineral range of brushes but I don't actually have any of them so can't give you a review on them sorry.

I am gonna review all the regular line brushes that I have purchased.

Foundation Brush: I can't say I liked this as a foundation brush but I have used it as a concealer brush for under my eyes and around my nose and find it quite handy for that.

Total Face Brush (Not Pictured): This brush I keep in my bag and use it to apply powder during the day. It is not the most wonderful brush in the world but it will do in a pinch. I think the problem is the fact that it is a 'total' face brush so its kinda good for everything but not brilliant at anything if you get me but still handy.

Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush: The head on this brush is a lot smaller than I expected it to be. For me I like my blusher brush to be a bit denser but I do use this brush daily for my contouring as it is slimmer and so is easier to pinpoint where I want to contour like the sides of my nose or temples.

Eyeliner Brush: By far the worst brush I have ever owned. I suppose I was mostly put off when it arrived and was hard and full of dust. As a user of angled eye liner brushes I just dunno what to be doing with this brush so it just sits in my brush stand I'm afraid. Definitely a no no.

Blending Eye Brush: This brush is the bomb I love it for blending out my darker colours that I use in the crease of my eye. In a pinch I have also used it simply to apply my eyeshadow. This is a must have brush.

Eye Crease Brush: Another must have brush from this range. Really nice for blending just in the crease. I have 2 of these brushes.

Eye Shadow Brush: This is the best brush in this range. I have about 6 of these now they are that good. They pick up eyeshadow brilliantly. They are just the right size for applying eyeshadow. If you fancy trying some ELF brushes definitely add this little beauty to your list.

So now I am going to move on to the collection of Studio Brushes that I have

Ohh apparently I do have a mineral Brush - this is the Mineral Kabuki Brush: I use this brush every single day. I will use it with my golden bronzer when I feel like being a bit more colourful. I also use this after I have applied my highlight blush and contour to blend it all in so that it looks more natural. I have actually just popped another onto my wishlist as it is that good. I also think I might pop the bigger body version on there too.

Complexion Brush: I like this brush to apply my highlight but that is really all I use it for. I am sure it could be used for applying your powder etc but I much prefer to apply my powders with the actual powder brush.
Stipple Brush: I have used this with my MAC moistureblend foundation and also with Studio Fix Fluid and Rimmel 25 hour and it works wonderfully every bit as good as the MAC version I have.

Powder Brush: This is such a good brush. I have two of these as recently I have started using one to apply my liquid foundation after seeing a YouTube video where the girl used it for foundation. It really is a super brush for foundation but I also use it for applying my Complexion Perfection powder and my Rimmel setting powder. These brushes are a must have.

Blush Brush: I think this is my most recent purchase from the Studio range and it is a great blush brush due to the shape. It has a nice oval tip to it so you can use it flat over wider spaces or side on for more detailed accurate application.

Overall Opinion:
I am really impressed with ELF brushes but what I have found is that if you want good face brushes go with the Studio line. The Studio line brushes are synthetic and are so so soft. The day I got my first powder brush I literally sat on the sofa watching TV and running it over my face.

On the other had if you are looking for eyeshadow/blending brushes I would say go for the regular line brushes. I am steadily collecting them and using nail polish on the bottom to remind me what colour I use them for. Eventually I would like a brush for each eyeshadow colour I use.

These brushes are well worth the money and if you are starting out they are a good way to get used to using brushes etc. The other thing I really like is rather than numbers they are actually labeled for their use.

Some day I hope to have them all :)

Hope you enjoyed my little ELF dedication. I have just placed another order and still have so many good products from them that I may well do this again shortly. Please let me know if you enjoyed this series and if you think it would be worthwhile maybe doing another. Also if there are any ELF products you would like to see me review.

Thanks Honeys


If you wanna see what ELF say about these brushes head on over to their website

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