Friday, 15 April 2011

My first R.A.K goodies

Evening Ladies,

Hope you all had a quick week and will have a lovely weekend.

So this is the first of my R.A.K (Random Act of Kindness) gifts that I received today. The wonderful Kelly from Bakes, Beauty & Blog came up with the most wonderful idea of doing Random Act of Kindness so I jumped on it as the idea was right up my street. Basically 5 lovely ladies were involved and we each bought 1 small present for each of the other ladies. Then we post the goodies to the ladies as a surprise. We had a limit of £2 or €2.50 for each person.

So yesterday Dee from Confessions of a Makeupaholic posted her 4 parcels and as we live in the same country I decided to fly home really quickly on lunch to see if it had arrived and I was soooo happy when I opened the door to see a lovely brown envelope waiting for me :)

I was sooooo excited - it's always more exciting when it is a surprise. So I opened the parcel in the car when I got back to work - I have no patience - and look at how prettily it was wrapped.

I was delighted when I opened what she had gotten me. I had been in town recently in Primark having a nosy around for a present for the other half for his mum for Mothers Day and had wandered into the jewellery section because she loves dress jewellery and had actually nearly purchased this for myself but as I am on a spending ban I didn't so I was wellllll chuffed.

The present was a super pretty, delicate looking charm necklace with a teeny tiny mirror, brush and chair on it in a lovely vintage gold colour. I actually popped it on in the car and wore it for the rest of the day :) She also popped in some sweeties which I also ate :)

So ladies keep an eye on Kelly's blog because I am sure she will be organising another R.A.K in the future and it is great fun. And I am sooooo looking forward to the other goodies I will get.

Thank you to all the other lovely ladies who are doing this please check out their blogs


  1. This is such a cute idea!!

  2. how exciting Dee has set a very high standard i wonder who will be next xxxxxx

  3. ooohh how exciting! Can't wait to post and receive mine now!!

    pssst its Leanne :-O