Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My little break from the ban

Hey Ladies,

As you know I have taken a leaf from Carli... 's book and have started a spending ban, but remember this excludes certain bits on bobs like specials and PayPal money (Hoooray for PayPal)

So when I started the ban I did say I would be taking 26th April off as I was on my Holiday's and yay oh yay today is the 26th. So I was up with the lark just as I would be if I were away to work and headed up the road to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre for a little spree. I love showing off what I got and the OH will be like mmm yeah oh lovely mmm ha ha and my mum and sister both say I have too much make up already so I am counting on you lovelies to enjoy my purchases with me :)

So i got there about 9.45 and the bloody MAC counter in BT2 wasn't even open yet lazy sods so I tottled my way up to the large Boots for a nosy and was delighted to see what I could convince myself I needed in their 3 for 2 offer. I came out a little light handed to be honest cos all I got was the Witch Skin Primer, though I have been trying to hunt this down for a long time now (Kelly (bakesbeautyandblog) u r off the hook :)) This little beauty set me back €10.49 which to be honest I thought was a likkle bit steep but if it is as good as I am told it is it should be well worth it.

So across from the large Boots there is a massive Pennys/Primark so of course I had to hit there :) I got some nice little bits in Pennys more just to try out than anything else. I picked up a fab feather necklace €3, a feather hairband €3, this is a bit old lady but I got a sequence glasses case as I am away to Specsavers tomorrow and fingers crossed might be getting some new specs. The glasses case was €3. I also got 2 Lip Smackers which I have never tried but heard loads of good things about, I got regular Coca Cola and a Cherry Coke one and they were €1.95 each. Then in the make up type section I got a Novelty Tweezers €2, a Face Primer €3.50 (no idea how that will go) and an Eye Brow Kit Box which said €4 but only cost me €1 Score :) Have heard from Dee (Confessionsofamakeupaholic) that these kits aren't too shabby.

All this took me up to about 10.30am so I guessed BT2 would have to be open and legged it back down to the MAC counter where I got Greensmoke which I have wanted for a while now (I'm on a major olive/muddy green buzz at the minute so if any of you lovely ladies can recommend anything like this it would be much appreciated). I also asked the lady at the counter to recommend a nice nude lippie for my skin tone. She picked out a few different ones but thought that Myth suited me best so I purchased. Greensmoke - pan only €11.50, Myth Lipstick €17.50.

So from MAC I headed back upstairs again to H&M and finally had a look at some clothes. But of course ended up buying make up instead. I got this gorgeous little quad of eyeshadows and hoowwwww cute is that nail polish. The quad is in All This and Beauty 2 and was €3.95 - steal and the polish is Darling Pink and was €2.95 love it

So when I was in H&M I decided to try on a dress - bleugh horrible on me - but when I was in the changing room I popped on my new lippie and panic stations.... I hated it. It was such a horrible colour on me kinda made me look like a corpse. So I honestley paniced €17.50 on a lippie that was mingin hellllllll so I decided an emergency pit stop back in Boots was required to get a semi decent gloss to go with it. When I got to boots all the nude type glosses had peachy/goldeny tones to them except for one, Collection 2000 Lock'n'Hold Lipgloss in Urban Punk €4.69 so I grabbed it (tried it over Myth in the car after and it has saved my ass, still not blown away with the lipstick but at least now I can wear it). So then cos the 3 for 2 was on I picked up two 17 shadows in Statuesque and Rose Quartz €4.89 each and i also grabbed a hair colour Cosmic Blue €5.89.

Feeling a bit better and sporting my new lip combo I headed out to the retail park and popped into TK Maxx where I got some Tigi Bed Head shampoo and conditioner and a new holder for my little palettes.

So then it was home time - was home by about 12.30 and found these two lovelies on my door that I had ordered from eBay and Play.com

So that was my day off my ban - might have to get specs tomorrow but that is medical so afraid the ban doesn't cover that but apart from that from 12.00 tonight I can only spend PayPal money again :(

Hope you enjoyed



  1. Oooh! Great haul! I absolutely love the penneys bits you pick up and Hue lippie looks gorge! :o) do let us know if the tangle teezer is any good? I'm tempted but Im worried its just a gimmick :P xxxx

  2. Confessionsofamakeupaholic26 April 2011 at 16:40

    You got lots of lovely bits. The MAC lippie looks fab! So jealous :)

  3. Tangle Teezer is amazing I am totally in love with it already :)