Tuesday, 19 April 2011

NYX Blush

Hey there Lovely Ladies

Have dug these blushes out lately so decided to do a quick review on them. Up till the recent spat of good weather I had been using my ELF Bronze & Blush compact but since this lovely weather arrived I decided to dig out some of my brighter colours and I have fallen in love with them all over again :)

I have 2 NYX blushes, Raisin and Pinky.

Pinky - The Picture does not do this shade justice


I have to say I do use Raisin as a contour with Pinky as the blush and the combination of these two blushers is just gorgeous. I can't get over the pigmentation of these blushers.

The top swatch is Raisin with Pinky below it. I think the two colours compliment each other to perfection.

As I say pigmentation wise they give some serious colour pay off as you can see from the pictures. Also there is very little fall out so you don't loose more blush than you put on. I find some blushers I end up blowing more off the brush/compact than goes on my face half the time but I don't have this problem with these.

Price wise they ended up costing me about €5.00 each on eBay which I think is very reasonable and the pan size is quite big at 4g. I am definitely gonna be investing in a few more of these before summer is in full swing and probably a few more bits from NYX, I just find the quality so good. I have only had a chance to use a couple of their products as it is quite difficult to get your hands on in Ireland but will definitely be trying more.

You can also get your hands on NYX goodies through www.cherryculture.com

Hope you enjoyed


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