Friday, 1 April 2011

March Faves

Hello Ladies,

It's officially April and the start of my spending ban :( I dunno where I will get the willpower from but I really hope that I can do it. It's only for 26 days.

So here are my favourites for March

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser, I can honestly say I have not had 1 spot since I started using this and my skin has not been as dry/shiney in the usual problem areas.

Smashbox Primer - same as last month I think

Rimmel 16hr Lasting Finish. I have just done a review on this and it is for sure my fav foundation at the minute.

ELF Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter, this is honestly better than my MAC concealer for under my eyes. It sets and stays even though it goes on sooo creamy but it honestly lasts me the whole day and the highlighter section leaves a lovely base for my powder highlighter.

I would like to stick my ELF Complexion Perfection powder in here also but not sure where to put it.

Setting Powder:
NYC Mosaic pressed powder, it just sets my make up perfect and the colour match is also spot on.

ELF Golden Bronzer. I have a feeling this will be making a regular appearance in my monthly loves. It's just a perfect bronzer to give you that glowy summery feel and look.

Contour & Blush:
ELF Bronze and Blush compact, they just compliment each other so well and they also seem to match my skin tone really well.

I think this has been discontinued but it is a revived No7 Highlighter that I found again during my attempted Project 10 Pan. I might actually use the whole thing up

Eyeshadow Primer:
ELF €1.70 Eyeshadow Primer, I can see a pattern forming. This one was on my list last month too. It is just as good as UDPP and I have actually stopped using my UDPP altogether.

I had my NYX 10 colour runway palette listed to put in here but since I wrote my list I have received a lovely gift of Accessorize Wild Moss loose shadow and I have actually found my Holy Grail eyeshadow. I have a strange mix of eye colour they are mostly green with a very thin line of golden hazel just around my pupil and there is a bit of blue and grey in them too (It freaks my Boyf out all the time) Anyway the dark greeny colour of this shadow compliments the green in my eyes and the flecks of golden glitter make the golden hazel in my eye really pop too. I LOVE THIS SHADOW. So if you are like me and have strange eyes this one is for you. I can't thank my buddy enough for this. XXX

Gel Eyeliner:
My usual sorrrrry but it is MAC Fluid Line in Blacktrack

Pencil Eyeliner:
Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in black not much to say here. It stays put for most of the day and is much easier to apply than most of my pencil eyeliner - I actually bought a back up :)

Maybeline Falsies in Black, This is a great mascara and I will for sure be re-purchasing it makes my lashes look really dark and long and full. Exactly what you want from a mascara.

My new MAC Up The Amp, It is such a well pigmented lippie and my first MAC. I am dying to get some more now. It lasts for ages and the colour is just perfect.

Lip Gloss:
Essence Lip Gloss XXXL Shine, the name has worn off mine but it is the pale purple and looks fab over my Up the Amp :)

St Moriz, I am officially a St. Moriz junkie now. It goes on about twice a week and I have done a blog post on it. I never thought I could enjoy tanning it was always an effort only to be done for weddings but now its a 5 minute job I really don't mind.

For my Eyes I use Rimmel Oil Free Eye Make up remover and for my face Clean and Clear daily cleanser. After this combo I just feel so clean :)

Nail Polish:
China Glaze Sea Spray, I had been wanting Periwinkle for yonks and ordered it and then ordered Sea Spray but when they both arrived I way prefer Sea Spray it's super pretty

Vera Wang Princess I love this and am nearly out. It is such a sweet smelling perfume so If you are not into sweet perfumes this is soooo not for you

I think that is it for this week my lovelies

If you want prices or more details on anything don't be afraid to ask