Thursday, 21 April 2011

OPI Shapely Shapers Set

Hey Honeys,

I received these in the post yesterday and was delighted as I only ordered them from an eBay seller on Friday :-0 How quick was that.

Anyway I sold a few bits and bobs on eBay and used the proceeds to fund this little purchase as I am still on my spending ban :-) I can't wait for next Tuesday when I have a little spree planned for my week off my ban.

Anyway back to the goodies received, OPI's Shapely Shapers Set. How cute is it.

In the set you get a full sized bottle of Bubble Bath and Strawberry Margarita.

Bubble Bath is a very pretty pale almost nude pink It's almost like a shade you would use during a french manicure but I think with 3 coats it will make a nice pink/nude colour

Strawberry Margarita is a hot pink colour which I have on today - If you follow me on twitter I posted a picture as my NOTD today. Its a gorgeous hot pink colour which I always love for summer. It took 3 coats to get it completely opaque but I am a stickler when it comes to my nails and most polishes take 3 coats in my book :-)

Along with 2 gorgeous polishes you also get a handy little nail file and tweezers that are just sooooo adorable. They have both just earned themselves a home in my handbag. I have used the tweezers last night and it is wonderful. I use a generic one I got in Duane Reade in NY a few years ago and have been minding it like gold dust because I haven't found one as good since but I think this little beauty will do just as good.

I purchased this set from an eBay seller I have used a few times now and again super service. The price was about €14.00 which I think was a steal as in my local Sallys 1 bottle of OPI is €14.00. Bargain.

If you fancy similar tweezers and nail files Kelly over at Bakes Beauty & Blog has just posted a review on some similar goodies so pop over and take a look.

If you wanna have a look at the seller here is the link - she also does China Glaze, Orly and Essie

Hope you enjoy


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