Thursday, 7 April 2011

Katy Perry Inspired Nails

Hi Lovely Ladies,

Today I was in a chemist that I did not realise stocked OPI :-0 it's not good that I know that now. They did not have the full selection only the Katy Perry collection. so I was browzing what was left which was Not Like the Movies x 2, Shatter x 1 and Last Friday Night x 4. To be honest if Teenage Dream had been there I would have broken my spending ban so thank god it wasn't but I was tempted by Last Friday Night.

Anyway, off the point, the chemist had some sample nails in each of the colours and then in each colour with shatter over it and I just thought the glitter ones looked so good with shatter over them I was seriously considering getting the Shatter and Last Friday Night butttttt I thought hey I have lovely glittery polishes at home annnnnd I have the Barry M Instant Nail Effects.

So I gave it a go this evening to see if it was similar and whaddya know it looks every bit as good.

I had China Glaze spontaneous on my nails since Tuesday night so it was in need of removal but I put a coat of Sinful Colour Chaos - which by itself is absolutely gorgeous - over it and then applied Instant Nail Effects.

Here is how it turned out, whatcha think??

Base Colour China Glaze in Spontaneous

Added glitter - Sinful Colours Chaos (Kinda looks like purple chrome loooooooove it)

And finally Instant Nail Effects

Wish the pictures showed it up better but the purple is really sparkly under the black :)


  1. LOVE EM !!!!!!

    Jon got me the nail effects i haven't used yet would like the coloured ones to

  2. The sinful stuff is lovely! Where did you get it?