Friday, 8 April 2011

MUA Eyeshadows

Hey Ladies,

So I have heard a bit about MUA and have seen it in a few videos on YouTube etc and was dying to try the brand but it is not available where I live in Ireland as we are not lucky enough to have many Superdrugs. In fact I think there may only be 1 or 2 in the whole country.

So I mentioned it on twitter and the lovely Dee from confessionsofamakeupaholic2011 kindly offered to pick me up some stuff from them so I can give them a try. The lucky thing lives close to one of the only Superdrugs in Ireland and I really am grateful to her for being so kind. xx

So I wanna start by reviewing the eye shadows she sent me. They are 2 fabulous purply/pink colours and I love the shades she chose for me. The lighter shade is Number 4 Pearl and the darker more purple one is Number 9 Pearl and they go lovely together.

I have used these three times now so I could give them a proper review and I have to say I love them. The colour pay off is amazing and there is little or no fall out. The staying power with just ELF primer underneath was super it lasted me the whole day and today I tried it with both ELF primer and a NYX jumbo pencil in Milk under it and they colour popped for the entire day.

For the price which I think is £1.00 in the UK and €1.70 in Ireland they are extremely affordable and the quantity you get for that price is unbelievable 2g. I have to say I will probably be asking the lovely Dee if she will get me a few more shades in the future. I truly love these shadows.

I will be reviewing some of the other goodies she got me soon including BeautyUK palette and more MUA stuff so keep tuned.

Thanks again Dee you're a superstar and I owe you one


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  1. I have heard soo much about MUA products I will have to go hunt them out!