Saturday, 16 April 2011

I wanna be a Lipstick Lover

Hey there Lovelies,

I was having a look round my make up area today when I was pulling out stuff for my blog sale and realised that although I have been consciously trying to buy more lipsticks since I started blogging I don't actually use them.

Up till I began this blog I had 1 daytime lipstick - Rimmel in Asia and 1 nighttime one from Lidl in a red shade. I had mostly stuck to using lipgloss and even that is a stretch. So when I started the blog I began picking up lipsticks from ELF and 17 and a few other places. So now I have a nice little collection starting even including a MAC :)

Still I leave the house every morning without applying anything to my lips. It just does not seem to occur to me. So from today I am going to try to wear a lipstick every day for 30 days. Although they do make me a little bit self conscious I do want to get into the habit of wearing them.

So today I wore my MAC in Up the Amp - starting strong :) At the end of each week I will be letting you know what lovely lippies I have worn/bought.

Anybody wanna do this with me let me know.

Thanks for stopping by


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