Saturday, 12 March 2011

Barry M Nail Paint Review

Hey lovelies…

Just doing a quick review on my collection of Barry M Nail Paints. I normally get nail paints when they are on special in Boots @ 2 for €8.00 but they are regularly about €5.95. I only have 7 but I am working on my collection.

I love that Barry M have such a mad range of colours along with lovely pastel shades. I love changing my nail polish nearly every day and so love adding to my collection and will def be getting more Nail Paints. The plus with Nail Paints is that I find I only need 2 coats unless it is a really sheer colour or glitters. Actually with the glitter polishes I have what I like to do is put a similar coloured regular polish as a base and then put the glitter polish on top. There is a nice shine off Nail Paints even without a top coat.

I have heard that they can stain your nails but luckily I have never had that problem. The other down side is a lot of Nail Paint colours I can find in the Essence range of polishes at €1.99 or ELF polishes @ €1.70 so they are much cheaper and the quality is every bit as good but I really don’t mind forking out the extra when they are on offer to get 2 of the colours that Essence or ELF don’t have.

Anyway enough waffling… here are the pictures of the polishes (as usual sorry about the lighting I am trying my very best but the house I am in sucks for lighting xx) (also I know I am a big girl but seriously how chubby do my fingers/thumbs look in these pics :-0 :-) )

From Left to Right: 150 Red Glitter, 304 Mint Green (Good Dent in this one :-) ), 293 Grey & 295 Pure Turquoise (I wouldn’t call it turquoise at all).

These swatches ate the same as listed above, only 2 coats used and you can see the shine off them even though this is without a top coat. They are lovely opaque colours and the photo really does not do Red Glitter justice. Every time I wear it I think of Dorothy’s ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz. Its even better with a coat of plain red polish underneath.

From Left to Right: 308 Berry L/C (As you can see from the bottle this has been loved), 292 Navy (The picture really doesn’t capture this colour) and 311 Instant Nail Effects

Again only two coats used for these swatched. Instant Nail Effects has been applied over a flat white from Essence. I think the Navy shows just how opaque these are after two coats and how shiny they are. Also Instant Nail Effects is a really good doup for OPIs crackle polish (I don’t own OPIs crackle but from pictures I have seen Barry Ms looks just as good to me anyway) and at a fraction of the price. The only down side is it is only available in black.

So after swatching all of these last night I thought it would be a shame to remove all the polishes and then re-do my nails, especially since it was about 11.30 when I was playing with these so this is what I decided to do.
Yesss Barry M has created a monster :-)


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