Monday, 7 March 2011

Manly Palette Unwrapping

Hey lovelies…

On Twitter there were a few people quite interested in my eBay purchase of a Manly 120 Palette so I decided to do an unwrapping post so you can see the quality of the packaging and also the range of colours etc. So here are some funky photos. I also got a blusher/contour/highlighter palette that I have pictured… Enjoy


Manly Palette

 It arrived in a brow envelope marked fragile and look at all the bubble wrap that was around it


Just you can see the full bubbly goodness

This is the back of the box showing all the other palettes that are available and ingredients etc.

 Even inside the white box there was more bubble wrap over the palette itself

 This is the Palette

 Both trays have a kind of shrink wrap over them for even more security

 The second tray with shrink wrap on

This is me removing the shrink wrap

 Then under the shrink wrap is one of those clear plastic sheets for dust


This is what all the colours look like out of all the packaging

A few swatches

I may have gotten carried away

Blusher Palette

Again bucket loads of bubble wrap


 This is a plain black box with the ingredients on the back


 This is the palette itself out of the box

 This is the full range of colours

 Here are closer pictures

More close up pictures


And some really bad swatches

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