Saturday, 12 March 2011

Things I forgot I loved and some new loves

Found one or two things this week I remembered I love and got some new goodies that are still in shops that i really like and thought I would share.

Some old goodies re-visited were:

VO5 Hot Oil Treatment: My hair is pretty heavily coloured. I have dyed it for about 12 years now and have gone through every shade but have been black for a few years solid now and on occasions have to cut it up quite short due to damage. I am now again trying to let it grow out and am trying to keep it as healthy as possible. Every so often I will do a few pink or purple streaks throug the sides but other than that its usually just black. I remembered about these VO5 treatments during the week and decided to pick them up when I was in Boots. They had the regular old ones I used back in the day and then these new ones for coloured hair so I got them. Boots were having 20% off so they were only about €2.50.

I haven't used these in about 10 years and I can't believe I have left it so long. The results are fab. My hair is sooo soft. After I washed it and let it dry naturally (I always naturally dry my hair) it felt soooo soft like a teddy bears fluff :-). Because I have unruly hair I have to straighten it after I wash it (that's why I don't blow dry in my mind it reduces the damage to my hair). After straightening it it was still lovely and smooth and soft. So these will be going on my regular shopping list :-) If you want to know about application let me know.

Next on my list is:

Liiv Botanicals Daily Moisturiser from Avon: I recently  ran out of my Boots Tea Tree Oil moisturiser so I dug through my supplies and found this, I use the under eye cream from this range all the time. This is a lovely thick cream that goes on and dries in quickly. Great for in the morning before your make up, no waiting around for your moisturiser to fully dry in. It smells really pretty too.

On to some new goodies.....

Pretty vintage look Birdcage necklace from Pennys/Primark only €3.00. How cute is this?? there is even a little bird in it. Love this and a steal at €3.00 cos it looks more expensive.

Wrap around leather studded bracelet. I love this. I have worn it with some black rubber bangles and another black studded bracelet and it looked really good. I love anything like this so at €3.00 in Pennys/Primark it was a bargain. Love it.

And Lastly......

Ed Hardy inspired vest top from Pennys/Primark. I was delighted with this little find. I love all Ed Hardy including the vests but for 1 the don't make em big enough for me and 2 they are soooooo expensive I can't justify paying that much for a vest. I did get 2 Hoodies when I was in Florida last year but they were at an outlet and were too reasonably priced to pass up. So this is a brilliant find in Pennys and a bargain at only €4.00. Pennys/Primark have some really funky vests in for the summer at the minute so at €4.00 snap em up sweeties xx


Hating this week.... Weight Gain!!!! Grrrrrr. Hovering (especially when the hoover falls down the stairs and hits you in the head) and general house work.

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