Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Loooong Weekend

Hey Ladies,

I'm like a child getting her school holidays :) I really can't wait for this break from work. I have tomorrow off cos it is St. Patricks day and then took Friday off to make it a super long weekend.

It's not really a make up post tonight because I am not feeling great and haven't got the energy but I felt like rambling so I hope you don't mind. Feel free to skip by me :)

Firstly THANK YOU so so much to all my followers I now have 60 on twitter and 10 here on Blogger. I am astounded and really very grateful. I hope to do a Manly Palette give away when i reach the magical 100 Twitter followers but would love to get some more on the blog too :)

I am thinking of pausing my lent on Friday and going up to Debenhams and MAC :) I feel I deserve it. We are down 2 ppl in our office since December and there are only 2 of us left doing 4 ppls jobs :( So as a treat to myself I am going to do a bit of retail therapy. We are both exhausted but the other girl only does a 4 day week so 1 day a week I am the only person in the office doing 4 ppls jobs - hellllls.

There is a Forever 21 where I am going too and I have never been in it and the Boots there is mahusive and has loads more brands so needless to say the credit card is coming with me. I am hoping that Forever 21 sizes are quite generous cos I am of the fuller figure if you know what I mean :)

If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them :) - Sorry no review tonight but will hopefully have a huge haul for you over the weekend :)

Also this week I have found blog sales..... I have already bought from 3, I need to be stopped although in all three only 1 lipstic and 1 eyeliner has been bought so not breaking lent too badly. Mostly I got nail polish. Will do a blog sale haul post when I get it all.

Anyway ramble over, thanks for listening xx will hopefully do a review tomorrow

Oh and 1 Pic actually - I spent forever on these tonight, took this picture and then wrecked my whole right hand grabbing a towel sooooo annoyed

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  1. Oh im loving the nails! I could never get my lines that straight though lol xx