Tuesday, 15 March 2011

ELF Elements Eyeshadows

Hey Ladies,

I am on a roll with the eyeshadow reviewing lately. This evening is ELF Elements.

I got the little compact originally to put MAC shadows in but then decided to hold out and get an actual MAC 15 pan thingy when I get up to the counter soon. (by the by anybody know how much the little 15 pan thingys are and if you can get them at the counter?) Anyway then I had a container waiting to be filled so I picked 2 colours I knew I would use, Wisteria - a gorgeous pale pink and Periwinkle - Periwinkle.... not only do I love the colour I love the name. I just ordered China Glaze Secret Periwinkle. This summer is gonna be full of Periwinkles :-) Anyway completely off point. Periwinkle is a gorgeous purple, I have plenty of purples but none like this.

Both colour go on a bit sheer at first but its easy to build them. I stuck a bit of NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil under them and they really stood out. I applied them together and they just compliment each other so well. I really like them. You don't lose a load of fall out when you put your brush in them and the pigmentation is pretty when you get the hang of it.

I will definitely be getting some more shades.... maybe even them all because at €1.70 a shade and €1.70 for the palette I could fill them all.

There are other options to fill your quad such as cheek and lip products but I think I will stick with the shadows.

Here are some pics (Excuse my dodgy eyebrow - its an unfortunate inheritance from my mother, the other one is perfectly normal :( )

Enjoy xx

This one is just to show you a MAC shadow in the pan, fits perfectly


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