Thursday, 10 March 2011

Project 10 Pan

Hey… I am hopping on the band wagon with this. I saw that @ViviannaMakeup who I follow on Twitter was doing this and thought it was a really clever idea. So today is the start of lent and I decided to sit down and see what items I would pick. Originally I was only gonna do 5 but I kept finding more bits that I just wanted to use up completely if possible. At the minute I am saying that this is for lent but it could last longer :-) I haven’t picked any eye products because I love to change these up daily so I would never stick to it.

Basically I am gonna use these products on a daily basis until there is nothing left but pan. I am off shopping (except nail polish and any Primark/Pennys essentials) for lent so thought this was a good way to divert my spending cravings. Here is what I am going with.

This is an overview of the 10 items. some are well used and others are slightly broken but all have been left unloved in drawers for a good while bar 2 which are regular faves that are close to the end.

This is how I will be storing them on my desk so that I am not tempted to stray

My first 2 items are MAC Select SPF15 Moistureblend foundation in NW20. I never use this because for some reason it doesn’t match me nearly as well as my Studio Fix Fluid foundation in the same shade. But for the sake of this I want it used and gone and on it’s way to a Back 2 Mac. The other item is my beloved Complexion Perfection powder from ELF which as you can see is at pan already but still there is a good bit of product left so just using this up to get another one :-)

Next is my Lacura setting powder in translucent. This again is a bit light for me but is a good setting powder. I have put this in with my Essence Mosaic Compact Powder in 01 as this is quite dark and the 2 mixed together over the Moistureblend should bring the colour of my make up back to my natural skin tone. The Lacura has been well loved and is already at pan but the Essence has a good bit left to go.

Next as a contour I am going to use my 17 Instant Glow Highlight and Bronze powder. This should be just dark enough as a contour and for my highlight I am going to use an old favourite long forgotten about, No7 High Lights Illuminating Powder. I was ripping when they discontinued this at my local Boots but it’s time to say goodbye. Both again are at pan and shouldn’t last me too much longer.

Concealer is a MAC one that I have made a whopper of a dent in so again this is just an attempt to use it up. I already have a back up. The blush I am using is one I really like from Wet’n'Wild that took a beating and now there is only a quarter left. 

Lastly I have a Maybeline Colossal mascara that is about half done and a Tweezerman BrowMousse which is a Holy Grail of mine. Dunno where I am gonna get a replacement when it is gone and it is pretty dang close to being gone.

I will keep you all update on how I get on and will post pics on Twitter as I finish products off so follow me @bandofblushers1 for updates

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