Saturday, 19 March 2011

Bed Head - Some Like it Hot

Hello my Lovelies :)

Just a quick review on one of the goodies I got in my haul yesterday, Bed Head's Some Like it Hot Heat and Humidity Resistant Sulfate Free Shampoo to Smooth and Sooth.

I used this shampoo last night, I am one of those people when I buy something I have to use or wear it as soon as I possibly can :). Unfortunately they did not have the conditioner with it when I purchased or I would have snapped that up too.

So to the product. It came out of the tube with a lovely citrus fruity smell and the consistency wasn't like any shampoo I have ever used. It was closer to a thick gel than the usual cream or liquidy gel consistency of most shampoos. There was no chance of it sliding out of your hand or being washed off by the shower. It foamed up really well and the smell got even nicer. It was even quite easy to wash out, I find that some shampoos just don't wash out well and you are left with residue on your hair for ages.

After using the shampoo I used my usual Aussie Hair Care Take the Heat Conditioner. I usually Spray my hair when it is toweled dried with some Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance leave in conditioner and allow my hair to dry naturally.

On a side note my other half came up stairs a little while after my shower and asked me what that lovely smell was. The only different thing I had used was the shampoo so thumbs up on the smell :)

So I got up this morning to straighten my hair and it just felt so lovely when I brushed it. No tangles and it felt the healthiest it has in a long time. I know when you use a new shampoo/conditioner for the first time your hair usually feels nice but this was different.

I have very dry/frizzy/mind of it's own hair and it just feels so silky and healthy. I didn't have to spend as much time straightening it either which is a major bonus. Although it is completely necessary for me to straighten my hair, I know the damage it is doing and I hate doing it. That is why I gave up blow drying to try to counter act some of the heat damage.

Also my hair is dyed black and the shine off it in the sun this morning was sooooo pretty.

So overall I am well impressed with my first Bed Head product and at €6.99 in TK Maxx with a regular retail price of between €10.00 - €15.00 I will definitely be making regular pit stops at TK Maxx to pick up some more of these lovely products. Only wish they had the conditioner too.


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