Monday, 14 March 2011

Haul & Confessions of a Nail Polishaholic

OMG honestly ladies I think I might just have a weeeee problemo...

I drove for an hour today to go to a chemist just because I knew they have nice Nial polishes. Like I don't have enough. I gave up buying make up for lent and only broke it cos ELF HD powder came in stock but even then that was the only make up I bought on that order. I don't think I could have possibly given up nail polish. 

I am currently waiting on delivery of 2 more China Glase and 2 ELF polishes. I bought 4 colours, a hardner and a cuticle thingy today and am half considering going to my local Sally Salon Services to get either an OPI or China Glaze Ltd set tomorrow... I have a problem.

Here is what I got today

All are by Catrice and as you can see all but 1 were half price. Left to Right:
Nail Expert Growth Support €1.50 h/p,
110 Poison Me, Poison You €1.40 h/p,
350 Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans €2.79 f/p,
080 Let's Talk About Berrie €1.40 h/p,
010 Don't Feed the Birds €1.40 h/p and
Nail Expert Cuticle Softner €1.50 h/p.

These are all of the shades I have bought and have yet to try (along with 4 in the post)

And this is my entire collection (is there a cure???)


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