Sunday, 20 March 2011

Manly 120 Palette Review

Hello Honeys

Finally time for me to review my Manly 120 Eyeshadow Palette.

I can honestly say I was very nervous about purchasing this product. Although it wasn't too expensive, it was coming all the way from Hong Kong and I had seen some disastrous videos on YouTube about how people had received them and all of the eye shadows were shattered :-0

So I gave in and ordered mine from a seller on eBay called tvgametoy2009, and I feel they deserve a major shout out as the parcel I got was so well packaged and everything arrived so perfectly. I have a post on the un-wrapping and you can see all of the layers of bubble wrap and stuff used to make sure it arrived safe and sound. I was so impressed I have ordered another palette from the same seller for an up coming give away. There are plenty of sellers on eBay selling them but I waited until the same seller had them back in stock to order.

On to the palette. It is amazing, 120 of the most vivid and well pigmented colours I have ever seen. The only thing I will say is it seems to lean quite heavily to greens and blues so if these are not your colours this may not be the palette for you. There are also a heap of purples, pinks, yellows, oranges and a good selection of neutrals and blacks and silvers too.

I have used this on a few occasions now to do quite nice colourful eyes. I used it on Paddy's day to do a really striking green eye and I also used it today - where the inspiration for a blog post came. Today I opted to use the neutrals. I never ever ever wear brown shadow, I hate brown eye shadows on me I think they make my eyes look scaldy, but today I fancied a change from my regular green or purple so I opted to do a brown smokey eye and it looked really really nice. So I can honestly say, having used the full range of colours, that this palette is a must have especially if you are starting out with brighter colours, you get to sample 120 for a very reasonable price.

The size of each colour also surprised me when I opened the palette. You definitely get a good quantity of each colour I would say almost the size of a 20c piece. There is very little fall out from these shadows too which means a lot less wastage. They blend so super easy and the pigmentation is up there with the best of eye shadows.

I would definitely recommend this to my friends and intend getting a few before Christmas as presents. The price with the seller I used was $6.79 for the palette itself and the postage was $12.00 on top of that so in total the palette cost me only around €13.50. So ladies if you have a few bob and are looking to stock up on bright shades, the Manly Palette is for you.

Here are some pics of the shades included

And some swatches

Hope this helps (PS don't forget to keep an eye out for the give away coming soon)


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  1.  nice photos! you can really see how neon some of the colours are :)