Sunday, 6 March 2011

OPI Russian Navy Doup

Bit miffed over this doup. I was sooo sooo exited the day I went in to get my first OPI polish. I had never even thought about spending this kind of money on a polish €14.00. The most I had ever spent was €7.00 on China Glaze and then even thought I was mad. So I went in and picked a colour I knew I would wear, Navy with a Purple hue and pink kind of glitters. I will do a full review on my OPI polish – Not good

A week or so ago NYC were having 50% off a lot of their polishes and I got a few including West Village and it is identical and a lot easier to apply and you only need 2 coats where you need 3 horrible sticky coats of OPI.

Here is a pic to show you just how close they are. I have the OPI on my little finger nail (cos I didn’t want to use it too much, I’d get frustrated) and the NYC is on my ring finger nail.


How close are they???? If you like this colour go get the NYC it cost me like €1.70 with 50% off so less than €3.50 and you are sorted :-)

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  1. oh my i love it i know which one i would pick need a dupe for the new lady gaga lippy and glossy the nude get on the case xxx