Friday, 18 March 2011

Haul-i-day - There should be more days like this

Hello Lovelies,

I have just had one of those days that only come around once in a blue moon and I am like a happy child at Christmas. I can honestly say that retail therapy is real. I was happy this morning when I got up because I was going shopping, I was happy during the day because I was shopping and I am super happy now because I am relishing in my purchases. Please don't judge me :)

I had the day off today which was already a plus but I decided I would get up as usual at 7.30 as if I was going to work to get a head start on the day. Got myself ready and then had a cup of tea and sat and watched the news with my honey. It was lovely not to be rushing out the door :)

I got to the shopping centre around 10am and there were fudge all people there so I got to shop in comfort. The very first place I hit was MAC with my Back 2 Mac goodies :) In return for the 6 empties I got my first MAC lipstick in Up The Amp. Its a bit of a wild colour but I lurve it already :). I splashed out (well for me anyway) and got 2 shadows in Stars'n'rockets and Digit and I got myself the 15 pan pro palette that I have wanted for aaaages even though I only have a few shadows :)

Here are some pics:

My Lovely new Up The Amp Lippie

Digit is on the top and Stars'n'Rockets on the bottom. I got the Pro Pan shadows and they were €11.50 Each. The Po Palette was €16.50.

I wandered on to Debenhams, The Body Shop and Boots but I didn't get anything. Really wanted the Vintage 17 palette in the pastels but they were all out and they had no Collection 2000 felt tip liner pen :( So then I headed in to Claire's and found some lovely clip on earrings. I have my ears pierced but they keep closing so I have decided to give up and use the old clip ons. Here are the beauties I got.

Aren't the Purrrty :) The Cream flowers were €7.95 and the black hearts were €4.50

So I had given up on any more nice little beauty finds so I headed for good old Pennys/Primark and got some nice bits. I dunno about you but when I get stuff in Pennys I never ever try them on and most of the stuff is heading back to my local Pennys tomorrow. :( Although that just means more spending :)

This top is soooo unusual it actually has panels separating the sleeves. Unfortunately I have to leave it back because I am quite tall and though it is kind of a crop top anyway it just looks far too short on me and I look silly. Price €8.00

This is just a pretty V Neck T with a logo. Price €3.00

Super cute flip flops with flower €1.50. I always start my flip flop shopping early because by the time the good weather comes all the good ones are gone.

The head band and bath pillow are part of my mums Mother's Day present and were €2.00 each but I thought I would include them here. The ring was €5.00 and again is too small for my big man hands so is going back tomorrow too :( Pity cos I loooooove it.

See how cool it is :( I also got some other bits and bobs like plain vests and trackie bottoms etc nothing exciting enough to show you.

So at this stage I decided to go home but just as I was driving out I saw TK Maxx in the retail park and decided to head in and boy oh boy am I glad I did :) Check out the little gems I got in there :)

I got this pretty little cardboard suitcase to store some of my make up in. Price €4.99. I also scored TIGI Bed Head Some Like It Hot Sulfate Free Shampoo for €6.99 which is deadly. They had like proper Hairdresser sized bottles for €16.99. Pity they didn't have the conditioner too but I am excited to try this.

I couldn't believe when I found NYX in a shop in Ireland I was like who slipped me some Felix Felicis cos this is my lucky day :) How deadly is that an NYX Make Up Box for €12.99 and no postage. Happy dayyyys. and sitting beside it was the Nails Inc set with 3 gorgeous pinks. Colours included are Mulberry Walk, Walton Street and Regents Place. I have never bought Nails Inc Before but I am pretty sure they are more than €5.00 apiece for a 10ml bottle which is what the worked out at because this set only cost €14.99.

This is what is in the NYX Make Up Box

To make things even better I came home to 2 parcels. I with an Essie Nail Polish in and the other with a Kabuki Brush, Happy days. Now I am away to cook my wonderful other half a big roast chicken dinner as a thank you for the few bob he gave me to spend today :)

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  1. Oh you made a day off it I see! You got some lovely things! Im not liking the way primark are doing rings in med/large! They will never fit me anymore! :( xx