Thursday, 24 March 2011

My Little Family

Hey Ladies,

I am afraid this is a totally non make up related post. I love my little family of furries and thought I would pop a few pics up here for you all to see.

I will resume normal services tomorrow :-)


This is our dog, he is about 8 now, we rescued him when he was 6 months. He is a fuzz ball, a collie crossed with a Japanese spitz and a big baby.

Next up is the most spoilt cat in the world, this is Oscar who we also rescued when he was one, he is only about 3 now but he is soooooo spoilt. We have just come back from doing his grocery's of nuts meat treats and cat milk!!

We also have 2 lion head rabbits, we got Nubby first as a rescue rabbit. Nubby is the golden one and then to keep her company we got Pixie the black one. Unfortunately they never bonded so they now live next door to one another. When I let them out they play for a bit but it always ends in tears :(

And lastly - now this is a long story, I got 2 'girl' mice, Portia and Ellen, but it turned out that Portia was pregnant when we got her and I found a little baby mouse when I was cleaning out the cage. It had been about 4 days since I had cleaned it out and little lady mice can get pregnant within 24 hours of giving birth and wouldn't u know it 'Ellen' turn out to be a dude so I was rightly screwed. Portia was pregnant again. Thankfully the pet shop took Ellen back because he may have killed the new baby mouse if I kept him. And so Portia raised Baby and then gave birth to 10 more little baby mice.

Unfortunately 1 baby did not make it but we ended up with 9 babys. We kept 2, Ralph and Little Lady so they could keep Portia and Baby company and we bought a boys cage :) The pet shop took the other 7 when they were old enough and got great homes for them. Some of the staff even took them cos they were sooooo cute.

Sadly Portia passed away about 2 months ago which we were all very sad about. Also when Baby and Ralph got older they began fighting so welcome cage 3 :) So as it stands we have 3 mice left.

Portia and Ellen when I brought them home Ellen is the black and white one

Portia - it's not easy taking a pic of a mouse :)

The moment I discovered Baby he is in the top left corner

A member of the second litter - nameless - i couldn't name them or I would have had to keep them all

Ralph at a couple of weeks old

Another pic of Portia she really was so beautiful and friendly xx

Portia's first born :) This is Baby

Hope that didn't bore you all too much. I know I am like a proud mother with baby pictures but these are my babies for now.