Sunday, 27 March 2011

St. Moriz Tan

Hey Ladies,

Today I am reviewing St. Moriz fake tan. Recently my buddy asked me to do a review on some fake tans as she finds most of the tans leave her too sticky or smelly. So I pulled out all of my fake tans and found a Piz Buin Self Tan Lotion with Colour Dial, Garnier Summerbody Gradual Tan, Johnsons Gradual Tan, L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tan Gel and St. Tropez. I had already used all of these and had formed an opinion on each of them but said for the sake of it I would also try each of them out again.

I had noticed St. Moriz in my local Primark/Pennys and had also seen a lot of people talking about it on Twitter. I had walked by it soooo many times in Primark and thought it must be crap so I decided to put the question out there on twitter as to what people thought of it. The general response was it was a very good tan. Here I want to give a shout out to the three lovely ladies who responded to my question on Twitter and if you haven't checked out their blogs take a look. I have a lot to thank them for :)

So anyway on to the review. The first time I used St. Moriz I nearly had a fit I had a serious panic moment when I thought dang it I am gonna be a zebra tomorrow morning. So I headed to bed mentally prepared for a serious showering the next morning. I did notice even in my panic that there was no icky tan smell off it though and I could get away with throwing on a t shirt straight away without it getting stuck to me.
When i woke up the next morning I was amazed, I had the loveliest natural tan to my skin. It wasn't too dark and it blended so well with my hands and neck. I loved it.

I did however kind of think that it might just have been a fluke so I used it again yesterday morning. It was great, I got dressed pretty soon after applying it and there was no stickiness to it, no horrible smell and it didn't stain my clothes too much at all. To be fair the night I put it on my pj top was pretty brown but yesterday I didn't have much transfer to my clothes and my bed clothes aren't that horrible colour that normally happens with tans.

I reckon this is a tan you can build on and I am thinking of doing another layer tonight to check that out.
I will be stocking up on this bad boy let me tell you. €4.00 in Primark for the bottle of foam tan. Love it. Its a new must have for me and I bet if you give it a go it will be for you too.

Thanks girls, ye have saved me a fortune on expensive tans that feel and smell like crap and leave me looking either like a tangerine or a zebra.


  1. Glad you like the tan! Youve made me wanna fake tan tonight now! I cant be bothered though! lol.

    Ta for the mention too. xx